Reacting quickly and effectively

In shipping a quick reaction time is crucial; we fully recognise that it is not in our clients’ best interests to have to wait for days for advice. We ensure that all queries and instructions are dealt with immediately they are received. If we do not have the solution to hand then we ensure that we have the means to obtain it. To this end we make use of the most comprehensive legal and commercial databases so that our advice is always based on the most up-to-date sources of information available.
Keeping you well informed
We are always available
We ensure that our clients are able to contact us at all times. Each client has a single point of contact within the firm and all telephone calls and other communications are answered promptly. We also provide home and mobile telephone numbers for our key staff so that if problems arise at any time, day or night, a specialist is available to assist.
Wherever possible we use plain English and avoid legal jargon in our correspondence and letters of advice.
We provide detailed progress reports and letters of advice at intervals which suit our clients. In this way our clients can monitor and control the progress of their cases.

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