Offshore service contracts and offshore service vessels

We have advised clients in relation to issues and disputes arising from the BIMCO Supplytime form and other contracts in connection with the employment of offshore service vessels. More specifically, we have advised on:
a. the liability of owners in respect of classification, seaworthiness and description of vessels;
b. the responsibilities of owners in relation to offshore operations, spare equipment and operation of their vessels;
c. disputes as to the responsibility of owners or charterers for payment of "ship-side" and "shore-side" expenses;
e. disputes relating to non-payment of hire and suspension of services;
f. the effect of the mutual waiver of recourse agreement on claims against owners by charterers and charterers' sub-contractors;
g. damage to hull and machinery and third party property;
We have acted for a state-owned enterprise which owned a heavy lift barge in circumstances when the crane was damaged by a hurricane. We advised on,
a. the arrest of vessel by creditors;
b. issues of sovereign immunity;
c. the responsibilities of owners and charterers;
d. withdrawal of vessel from charterers' services;
e. the negotiation of finances for repair;
f. the possibility of making a claim under a hull and machinery policy.

We negotiated with underwriters and negotiated repair contracts with shipyards in USA and Europe

We have advised on a claim under a insurance policy for damage to ROVs. Questions of liability arose in relation to the performance of ROVs.
Cable-laying vessels
We have,
a. drafted and negotiated sale and purchase contracts for a number of cable-laying vessels;
b. drafted and negotiated specialist equipment contracts;
c. negotiated long-term charterparties for cable-laying vessels.

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