Acting for buyers and sellers worldwide in the sale and purchase of:-

Cargo vessels
Offshore support vessels
Floating platforms
Vessels for demolition
Sale & purchase disputes
Cancellation of MOA.
Rights of buyers to cancel MOA a few hours before cancelling date. Anticipatory breach.
Failure to deliver vessel.
Failure to produce clean title: risk to Buyer.
Misdescription of vessel.
Acting for buyers in circumstances where vessel was misdescribed in the Norwegian Saleform.
Timing of payment of balance of purchase price.
Interpretation of clause 8 of the Norwegian Saleform. Whether in circumstances where there is a mortgage over the vessel and where sellers are unable themselves to discharge that mortgage through lack of funds, the buyer should pay the balance of the purchase monies before receiving a certificate of freedom from encumbrance.
Timing of receipt of balance of purchase price.
Issues arising under clause 2 of the Norwegian Saleform. Question of when payment for vessel deemed received.
Gas free status. Effectiveness of tank cleaning and measurement of sludge remaining on board.
Unwilling seller.
Use of injunction to prevent vessel sailing from port of delivery.
Asset finance and mortgages
Acting for owners in reviewing loan agreements, ship mortgages and other security documents in respect of single vessels and fleet arrangements.
Acting for major banks in preparing loan agreements, mortgages and other security documents.
Registration and deletion
Investigating title of vessels registered in all of the open registries and worldwide including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China and Japan.
Marianne Brookes effected the first parallel registration between Poland and Cyprus

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