Claim for salvage under the TOWCON:

acting for tow owner in respect of a claim for salvage under the TOWCON;
issues as to whether or not salvage can be claimed under the TOWCON.
Interpretation of the nature of the contract of towage.
Pre-contractual disclosure obligations.
Implied obligations of tug and tow.
Sea-worthiness and fitness of tug.
Payment and anti-deduction.
Free time and delay payments.
Liabilities of tug and tow in respect of riding crew.

Damage to tow:

acting for tug-owner. Alleged damage to rig whilst under tow.

Misrepresentation of tow's particulars:

claim for increased fuel consumption;
counterclaim for slow steaming and loss of on sale.
Tow-worthiness and fitness of tow.
Cancellation and withdrawal.
Deviation and slow-steaming.

Non-payment of hire:

acting for tug-owners in recovery action;
acting for tug-owners in respect of an agreement for towage of vessels from Canada to India. Instalments of hire had not been paid and the agreement was terminated. Arranging for arrest of the tows in Namibia. This dispute raised questions of ostensible authority and whether the tug owners were entitled to exercise a lien on the vessel.
UK conditions of towage
Advice on UK Conditions of Towage.
Cancellation of tug under UK Conditions of Towage.
Limitation fund
Aggregation of tug and tow for the limitation fund.
Hull & machinery
Damage to hull and machinery and third party property.

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