We value your business greatly and it is important to us that our services not only match your expectations but exceed them. This Client Charter sets out or promises to you.

Our commitment to you
We will always put your own interests first and represent your interests.
We will make an effort to understand how your business works and what your aims and goals are.
We will be polite and considerate in our dealings with you.
Prompt and clear advice
We will respond to your letters and phone calls within the same day.
We will communicate clearly with you and avoid legal jargon wherever possible.
A firm understanding of your requirements
We will listen carefully to your instructions and ensure that we understand your requirements clearly.
We will advise on any likely problems or risks there may be and what precautions can be taken to minimise those risks
We will advise you whether or not your expectations are realistic and cost-effective
We will explain to you the legal work which may be required and the prospects of a successful outcome.
We will clearly specify and agree with you the type of service you can expect to receive
We will tell you who will be handling your work and to whom you can complain if, for any reason, you are not happy with our services
Forward planning
We will plan the work to achieve the most cost-effective solution
We will provide prompt and clear initial advice and cost estimates for the work
We will settle and agree timescales with you
We will provide you with the expertise necessary to achieve a successful outcome
We will inform you whether or not the need might arise to instruct Counsel or Expert Witnesses and explain your responsibilities in respect of their costs.
We will make sure that you understand the likely degree of financial risk which you will be taking on
We will advise whether ‘after the event’ insurance might be available to cover your liability for costs
Effective case management and reporting
We will keep you informed of costs throughout so you can work out if a particular course of action is worth following financially
We will tell you about any developments and update you on progress as work proceeds, or, if there has been no progress, we will inform you when you are next likely to hear from us
We will ensure that the work is carried out within budget and on time
We will give you clear bills of costs on a regular basis which show the work done and the amount charged
Positive action if you are dissatisfied with our service
We will handle any complaints you might have quickly and effectively
Strictest confidentiality
We will keep what you tell us confidential
We will refuse to act for anyone else if doing so could compromise that confidentiality

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Registration No. 76545